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Shelter Shares: The Most Interesting Investment of 2017

Call it the ultimate bunker portfolio.

When the world goes nutty with threats of crisis, a handful of stocks typically run higher.  Between them, they provide the very essentials of a fallout bunker for those that think the world is coming to an end – bottled water, canned goods, gas masks, guns, generators, and even spam. 

Laughable, you bet. 

However, throughout 2017, tech billionaires and other super-rich Americans were busy investing in “apocalypse insurance” in the unlikely event of a nuclear war, natural disaster, or other collapse of mankind.  They’ve already stocked up on guns and ammunition, even bought property in isolated locations. 

In late 2016, the CEO of a doomsday bunker began seeing unprecedented demand for his products.  “The phone really just blew up,” he noted with irony.  In fact, since November 2016, demand for his nuclear shelters jumped 400%.

Demand for high-end doomsday bunkers have soared 700%, according to Haaretz.

A Texas company says it can’t keep up with demand.  Under the Obama Administration, sales jumped 250%.  Under Donald Trump, sales are up 500%. 

All as fears persist that we’ll be hit by China, Iran, Russia or even North Korea.

Unfortunately, many of us can’t afford an $8 million bunker.  But in case of emergency, we can always buy and hold dividend paying shelter shares.  Hormel Foods (HRL) – the proud makers of Spam – has already run from a December 2016 low of $33 to $37.75.  Bottled-drink maker Dr. Pepper Snapple Group (DPS) ran from a December 2016 low of $84 to $98. 

Cummins (CMI) – the maker of generator stocks – ran from a December low of $135 to $155.   Even J.M. Smucker (SJM) ran fro a low of $124 to $143.

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Are we advising that you run out, buy a bunker, seal yourself inside, and buy all of these stocks today?  Not at all… We’re just highlighting what has become one of the most interesting trade ideas of the year, as the super-rich bunker down.