The Trend

A $175 Million Legend Rises Again

The first time something like this happened was 1983.

Two trading legends, Richard Dennis and William Eckhart were arguing over whether traders were born or were they made.

Dennis, who had turned his initial stake of $5,000 into over $100 million believed ANYONE could be taught to be a great trader.

Eckhart disagreed. He felt you either had it or you didn’t.

So the two designed an experiment.

Dennis would find a group of people he would teach his trading rules.

He designed a course that was two weeks long.

Students could repeat the course over and over if they (or he) felt they needed too.

Dennis wasn’t afraid to put his money where his mouth was either.

Once they trained he would give each student some of HIS OWN MONEY to trade.

He called his students “turtles” because he saw turtle farms in Singapore and felt he could grow traders as efficiently as they grew turtles.

Dennis took out a full page ad in The Wall Street Journal.

Thousands of non-traders applied and they selected 14 students.

He taught them his trading rules.

Gave them his money to trade.

And the two classes of turtle traders Dennis personally trained earned more than $175 million in 5 years.

Turns out Richard Dennis was right: you can grow traders just like they grow turtles.

And now, one company has taken Dennis’ concept and turned it into a business.

IF you want to be a trader – a real trader – they will TRAIN YOU.

They will teach you their proven trading rules, money management, risk rules, and everything you need to be a great trader.

Then they will GIVE you their money to trade – up to $250,000.

You will get to keep up to 80% - that’s $800 out of every $1,000 you make trading their money.

And you won’t have any personal risk.

You don’t have to trade your own money.

You don’t have to pay to learn how to trade.

You don’t have to do anything but show up (online from home), learn their system, and trade their money.

The better you do, the more money they’ll give you to trade.

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Richard Dennis proved this model works and now is your chance to learn from the professional traders inspired by his story – and do it for free.

If you want to make a full income from your trading I can’t think of a better opportunity to start down that road.

This is a dream come true if you’re serious about trading for income.

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